Google has dark a ‘panic mode’ in your smartphone and here’s because you need to switch it on NOW


GOOGLE has secretly combined a panic showing mode into Android phones.

It will detect when malware or spyware masquerading as an app has been commissioned in a bid to KILL your device.

Some Samsung Android phones will be influenced by the changes

Android phones are mostly targeted by hackers who censor spyware and malware in apps on the Google Play store

The “panic mode” detects when you’re in a plight and immediately takes you back to the home screen.

It kicks in when you press the back symbol fast – which indicates that you’re trying to exit the brute app.

Google hasn’t done the underline open knowledge, but one sagacious consultant beheld it in the Android handling complement source code over the weekend, according to 9-to-5 Google.

But not everybody will have it incited on automatically.

To make certain that yours is operative it you must have updated your phone to Android 7.1 Nougat.

Google has a dark panic trigger which will help when brute apps which could take over your phone

Google has a dark panic trigger which will help when brute apps which could take over your phone

It’s likely it will be default in future versions.

Smartphone users are at larger risk than ever with hackers executing antagonistic code left, right and centre.

Thieves may be targeting vast companies like the NHS or production companies to hold them to release – but they’re after the bland Brit too.

Millions of smartphones were putrescent with a “cutting edge” pathogen called HummingWhale which uses impossibly disreputable strategy to fasten onto victims’ phones.

Cyber experts lifted the alarm over a smartphone pathogen called Falseguide as it began swelling in April.

And Android owners were warned that Judy malware had putrescent 36 million Google Play Store users in May.

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