Fantasy Football group names: The best and funniest from last season


The new Premier League and fantasy football seasons are inching closer and closer.

So it’s a good time to feeling back at the deteriorate just gone, and in sold your anticipation football names.

Sanchez was the top points scorer on Dream Team last season

Sanchez was the top points scorer on Dream Team last season

We had a few belters on the Dream Team diversion last campaign, and while the classics were out in force (we’re looking at you, The Wizard of Ozil and Murder on Zidane’s Floor) once again, there were a few glorious additions to the anticipation football group name family.


So but serve ado, we’ve even managed to make a full Premier League XI out of the best ones – what do you think?

A lovely bit of business being finished opposite the house in this team.

While Slumdog Mignolet has been used in the past, it’s not one of the stale group names in Fantasy Football – maybe due to the somewhat controversial recognition of the goalkeeper in question.

In defence, we’ve got Luke Kylewalker, Can’t Handle The Huth, Fun Lovren Criminals and De Roon Is On Fire.

Star Wars is never out of conform so Luke Kylewalker is always going to be a hit, while Robert Huth’s feeling on the representation also fits in with the group name – his shining trolling of Alexis Sanchez recently valid so.

The Fun Lovren Criminals has also been a name knocking about in the past couple of years, but for indie kids of the 90s it’s a no-brainer.

De Roon is on Fire. Unfortunately, Middlesbrough were not this season

De Roon is on Fire. Unfortunately, Middlesbrough were not this season

Without doubt one of the best additions to the anticipation football group name portfolio is De Roon In On Fire, after Middlesbrough full-back Maarten De Roon.

Another new further to the Premier League this deteriorate was Granit Xhaka,and the Arsenal man has had a couple of decent efforts when it’s come to punning his name – but Boom Xhakalaka is positively the best.

Cheikhou Kouyate has been at West Ham for 3 seasons now, but The Kouyate Kid is too good to skip out, and the same goes for Liverpool and England star Lallana’s In Pyjamas.

Kouyate Kid

Kouyate Kid

Anyone making 1970’s sitcom references deserves a nod, so Ayew Being Served gets in, while a double whammy of Sterling Silva competence not be the many implausible pun, but when you’ve got two players from the same bar in one name, it can’t not be included.

And finally, the creme de la creme of Deeney In A Bottle, after Watford striker Troy Deeney, is too good to skip out.

So there you go – the personal favourite XI of Dream Team anticipation football names this season, but what will you go for next year?

When can we sign up to anticipation football this season?

You can start getting your teams in as early as Jul 7 2017 – some 5 weeks before the Premier League deteriorate gets underway.

That gives you an extremely prolonged time to guard the send marketplace and select your group accordingly, with Bernardo Silva and Mohamed Salah the first major coups of the summer.

  • 15 goals and 11 assists in Serie A for Roma last season
  • Had a higher rating (7.48) than Paulo Dybala (7.46) in Italy last season
  • Quick, nippy winger with a point to prove after unsuccessful spell at Chelsea
  • Get him in your Dream Team now

Keep up to date with all the latest anticipation football news and tips with the anticipation football live blog and sign up to Dream Team here.

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