Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit

Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit
(Picture: SWNS)

This 100ft crop round substructure may demeanour NSFW, but experts trust the phallic figure could be related to Brexit.

The bizarre arrangement seemed on Easter Sunday in a margin of rape.

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A tiny round is related to a incomparable round by a tiny path, which crop round specialists contend could represent Britain leaving the incomparable physique of the EU.

The pattern, which is accepted to have been cut into the margin on Sunday morning, may have been combined by those who likely the snap ubiquitous election.

It is also believed that the smaller circles inside the incomparable arrangement represent the commission of the citizens who would opinion against Brexit if another referendum was held.

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Matthew Williams stumbled on the arrangement in a margin at Cherhill nearby Calne, Wilts.

To the untrained eye, the figure could be mistaken for a penis, but Mr Williams, a crop round expert, argued otherwise.

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Mr Williams said: ‘This is a bit of an engaging one, really.

‘It may good be the first arrangement of the year, and it very much looks like it predicts the election.

‘The smaller round apparently represents the UK and the bigger round is the EU.

Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit
(Picture: SWNS)
Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit
(Picture: SWNS)

‘The lines in between could possibly prove the smaller round is sharpened divided from, or being pulled towards, the incomparable round – just like Britain and Brexit.

‘I wouldn’t go as distant as to contend that it really predicts the startle ubiquitous election, but the puzzling visitors may good have have had an denote something poignant was coming up.’

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Mr Williams, 46, pronounced the Wiltshire panorama was eminent for its contentment of crop circles, but the intriguing shapes are apropos some-more of a rarity.

He said: ‘We have seen a dump in the series of formations over the last few years, but this new round competence outrider a return.

‘It’s a panorama tradition that a lot of people don’t wish to see end.’

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