Warplane faces ‘tech issues and cost blowout’


The US-built F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is tormented by a prolonged list of problems, leaving the Ministry of Defence confronting millions of pounds of dark costs, according to a report by The Times.

The UK is profitable between £77m and £100m for any of the planes, according to manufacturer Lockheed Martin, but the journal reports the loyal cost of any jet delivered this year will be some-more than £150m.

The expansion in cost tab can be blamed on “extras” such as program upgrades and gangling parts.

According to the newspaper’s investigation, the plane’s other problems include:

:: It can't broadcast information to British ships and older aircraft but giving divided its position

:: It is hampered by the diseased broadband on the Royal Navy’s categorical aircraft carrier

:: Its program complement is exposed to cyberattack

In addition, the planes accept essential mechanism networks from a dialect that has been told to find assets of £400m this year.

An MoD orator insisted the jets were still the “world’s many advanced”, adding: “Whether handling from land or with the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers as a executive member of the UK’s Carrier strike capability, they will safeguard a challenging fighting force.

“We are committed to the F-35 programme, which is on time, within costs and offers the best capability for the Armed Forces.”

The MoD combined that it did not recognize the £150m figure quoted by the journal and asserted the programme was “wholly with its cost approval”.

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