Blair: May’s on precipice corner and we feel contemptible for her


The Prime Minister lost seats and unsuccessful to secure an undisguised infancy in the Commons last month.

Her Government is now being propped up by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

There is conjecture she could face a Tory care battle and many commentators do not consider she will take the party into another ubiquitous election due in 2022.

:: Tony Blair must have the thickest skin in politics

Former PM Mr Blair claimed she was in a unsafe position and was under hazard from colleagues.

He told Sky’s Sophy Ridge it was a “very unsuitable situation” that Mrs May was surrounded by people “waiting for the moment they confirm to chuck her off the ledge”.

He added: “I consider there is something a little indecorous about all of it really.”

His comments come days after Mrs May pronounced she strew a “little tear” when she saw the exit check on election night that foresee her election play would not compensate off.

Theresa May says she strew a rip after conference the exit check for Junes election

May ‘shed a little tear’ on election night

Mr Blair pronounced he felt contemptible for her since “she’s somebody who’s got the best seductiveness of the country at heart” but he “profoundly disagrees with her about Brexit”.

He does not wish the UK to leave the European Union, despite a infancy of electorate subsidy a divorce from the bloc.

However, Mrs May is committed to delivering “the will of the people” by holding the country out of the EU.

Mr Blair said: “I know because she thinks ‘the people have spoken, it’s my pursuit to broach that verdict’.

“But we would like to see some-more care and reduction followship.”

The former Labour personality also voiced fears about the impact of social media on UK politics.

He said: “There’s a outrageous issue currently in how information is traded and exchanged in a democracy.

“The communication of required media – that’s turn fragmented, much some-more narrow-minded – with social media is formulating partial of this polarisation of politics.

“And the clarity you’ve got two pieces of the country really not articulate to any other at all. we consider that’s dangerous for democracy prolonged term.”

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