Where is Ripper Street filmed? Locations for Whitechapel-set London crime play revealed


RIPPER Street, the hit show about the Jack the Ripper murders, continues on the BBC – with the latest series impending its conclusion.

It is set in Whitechapel in the East End of London – but is that where the show was actually filmed? Here’s all we know…

Ripper Street is back for its fifth series

Ripper Street is back for it’s fifth series

Where is Ripper Street filmed?

Even yet Ripper Street is formed in London, it is especially filmed in Ireland.

Main locations:

  • Clancy Barracks, Dublin, Ireland
  • Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Manchester Town Hall, Greater Manchester

The first series was filmed wholly on plcae in Dublin.

When articulate about filming at Clancy Barracks, the show’s categorical star Matthew Macfadyen told the The Daily Mail: “The fort were like a big playground, big adequate to reconstruct a outrageous area of Whitechapel, and we filmed in Dublin Castle and Kilmainham Gaol, all as if it was the East End of London.”


Clancy Barracks is the shows categorical filming location

Clancy Barracks is the show’s categorical filming location

When can we watch Ripper Street?

The fifth deteriorate has already kicked off on BBC2 and will run for 6 episodes.

You can watch it Mondays at 9pm.

If you skip it , you can locate it again on the BBC iPlayer.

Scenes were also shot at Trinity College in Dublin

Scenes were also shot at Trinity College in Dublin

Who is in the Ripper Street cast?

Matthew Macfadyen plays Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, who was a workaholic driven by his disaster to capture Jack the Ripper.

While Jerome Flynn stars as Detective Inspector Bennet Drake who was Reid’s right palm man before he took over from Reid and became commander of H Division.

The final lead role of Captain Homer Jackson is played by Adam Rothenberg. The former US Army surgeon is actually a refugee from America named Matthew Judge and is H Division’s debate expert.

MyAnna Buring is also partial of the show interjection to her  role as “Long” Susan Hart, who has a son with Jackson.

While Charlenne McKenna plays Rose Drake is a prostitute in Long Susan’s residence that incited her light around to turn a music gymnasium singer.

The expel are seen here sharpened scenes in Dublin

The expel are seen here sharpened scenes in Dublin

Is this the last series of Ripper Street?

The fifth deteriorate is the final deteriorate of the show and has already aired on Amazon Prime.

The series follows on from the comfortless finale of deteriorate four, which saw Susan forced to give up her child in sequence to feign her death and shun being hung for her crimes.

Picking up in in the summer of 1897 with Queen Victoria celebrating her solid jubilee, Reid, who has retired from his investigator work, finds himself drawn back to Whitechapel after finding that an old crony is set to hang for a brutal murder he’s assured he hasn’t committed.

The show is especially filmed in Dublin

The show is especially filmed in Dublin



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