When is Love Island on ITV2 tonight, who is in a choice and what happened to couples from prior series?


LOVE Island, a many talked about uncover on British TV, continues tonight as fans energetically wait a latest goings on from a villa.

The uncover has taken over TV in new weeks with viewers gripped by a fights, rows and romps on a ITV2 show. Here’s all a info…

Love Island's contestants poise for a photo

Love Island’s contestants are unequivocally interesting this year.

What time is Love Island on ITV?

Love Island is on a screens nightly from Sunday to Friday at 9.00pm on ITV2.

On Saturdays, a unchanging uncover is transposed by spin-off Love Island: The Weekly Hot List, that also kicks off during 9.00pm.

The messenger uncover gives viewers a round-up of all a weekly flirtations and fall-outs from a villa and sees Caroline Flack observant how a pairings have got on so far.

Tonight (July 17), it’s adult opposite a DIY SOS on BBC One, Ripper Street on BBC Two, ITV’s Fearless and Eamonn Ruth: How a Other Half Lives on Channel 5.

What is Love Island all about?

Love Island sends a horde of singletons looking for a good time over to a lush villa for a summer of passion.

Known for a prohibited and complicated sex scenes, a contestants are speedy to span adult and remonstrate a open they have found love.

In a turn during a finish of a series, a winning integrate are asked to possibly separate a cash, or take a whole £50,000 pot home for themselves.

Talk about putting your adore to a test!

The Love Island villa

This year’s fantastic villa looks improved than ever

Can we still request to be on Love Island 2017?

The renouned uncover has now sealed applications for fun contestants to enter a fantastic island pad and hopefully find adore this summer.

Love Island hopefuls had until Jul 7 to get their focus form in, and a website states that they are not usurpation any some-more applications.

Who are a contestants in Love Island 2017?

Olivia Attwood

Before holding partial in a 2017 array of Love Island, Olivia described her contention as being a Motorsport Grid Girl.

Working around shrill competition marks competence be one reason that Olivia likes “loudmouth” organisation – she contingency be used to shrill noises.

As good as looking for love, Olivia says she holding partial on a ITV2 uncover “For a experience”.

Jessica Shears – EVICTED

Jessica is a curvy glorious indication from Devon, who was looking for a genuine tie on this array of Love Island.

In an unearthed speak a star told of her enterprise to combat professionally and certified The Rock was her inspiration.

Jessica has already held a eye of Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best, and has been suggested to have finished a sex fasten with former adore Rogan O’Connor from Ex On The Beach.

Jessica and villa partner Dom Leaver had sex on a programme 10 days in.

Jessica Shears in a bikini

Glamour indication Jess is prepared to make her symbol on Love Island

Amber Davies

Before appearing on Love Island, Amber announced that her function was as a dancer.

She has also worked as an hostess as partial of London’s playground themed bar night Cirque Le Soir – that compulsory her to frame down to slip in a North London club.

On a show she has got frolicsome with her partner Kem – in a common bedroom – being one of dual girls to have finished so in a villa so far.

Chloe Crowhurst – EVICTED

Chloe Crowhurst is an executive partner hailing from Essex – and she was anticipating a aptness of a segment rubs off on her after Essex child Nathan Massey won Love Island final year.

She describes herself as “really friendly and bubbly and outgoing”. She adds: “I’m a bit awkward and humorous and we don’t take myself too seriously.”

The 22 year aged reckons she’s good fun to be around, saying: “I’m funny, we have a giggle all a time.

Camilla Thurlow

Before appearing on Love Island, Camilla described her pursuit as being in a margin of Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

She has worked for a gift The Halo Trust – that was finished famous in 1997 when a late Princess Diana visited a charity.

Camilla Thurlow was related to Prince Harry in Jul 2014 when it was reported she sealed lips with a fifth-in-line to a throne.

Love Island competitor Camilla Thurlow in a bikini

Camilla Thurlow is on a hunt for intrigue on Love Island

Montana Brown

The 21-year-old is from Hertfordshire, England.

Montana describes herself as being “posh” and says: “I’ve been brought adult good and I’ve been unequivocally propitious to go a private school”.

Most recently she complicated Economics during Bournemouth University.

Montana became a third lady this year to have sex in a villa – with her child Alex.  She said; “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Alex is beautiful so it can be tough not to do things yet no regrets as we consider it brings us closer together.”

Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville is a 31-year-old musician from London who was a member of English hip bound group, Blazin’ Squad, from 2001 to 2004.

The thespian had lustful memories of his time in a organisation as he admitted: “They were a best days of my life. People do still recognize me when I’m out.

“People a infancy of a time wish a selfie. we consider we demeanour unequivocally opposite these days, though. we feel like I’ve got most improved looking!”

Gabrielle Allen

Gabrielle Allen is a professionally-trained dancer and health left-wing from Liverpool who works as a aptness instructor.

She loves travelling, and mostly disappears for months during a time, so she’ll be right during home in a outlandish vicinity of a Love Island villa.

The 25-year-old also admits that she’s “a calamity during times, substantially – maybe a bit tough work.”

Tyne-Lexy Clarson – EVICTED

Tyne-Lexy Clarson, 20, is a university tyro from Birmingham who’s not lacking certainty – and she believes this, along with her clarity of humour, will symbol her out.

The garrulous beauty describes herself as “ditzy, unequivocally assured and a outrageous coquette and a tease.”

This isn’t her initial time on a telly, yet it’s substantially doubtful we remember her brief army as an additional on Shameless when she was 14.

However Tyne-Lexy became a second to leave a villa after Jonny picked Camilla over her.

Sam Gowland – EVICTED

21 year aged Sam is an oil supply workman and is creatively from Middlesborough.

It’s his initial time on existence TV, yet Sam’s got a integrate of claims to fame. His cousin Jonathan Grounds plays football for Birmingham City, and he’s friends with Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan.

He watched each array of Love Island before this one, and always suspicion he would be a good fit for a show, yet he was in a attribute during a time so couldn’t apply.

Kem Cetinay is seeking intrigue on Love Island

Kem Cetinay is seeking intrigue on Love Island

Kem Cetinay

Kem is a 21 year aged beautician from Essex who likes to report himself as a “cheeky chappy”.

But he’s not usually any aged beautician – Kem has worked a thatch of a likes of Spencer Matthews, Calum Best and all a Towie lads.

What he wants to get out of Love Island is “the lady chronicle of me.”

So distant he’s had sex with Amber in a common bedroom, usually 10 days into a contest.

Dominic Lever – EVICTED

Dominic is a 26-year-old careers confidant from Manchester who is unfortunate for someone “with chat”.

The serial-dating lothario reckons that good looking people are “absolute melts” yet that he’s got a discuss to behind it up.

He’s unequivocally not medium and while he does adore himself he is roughly positively going to upping a ante to have some fun on a island.

Dom had a lot of fun with Jessica, as they had sex in a private bower 10 days in.

Harley Judge – EVICTED

Harley is a drift workman from Norwich who is apparently “a bit of a Ken doll.”

The 22-year-old doesn’t have most of  a dating life and his pals would contend that he’s married to a gym.

He pronounced his biggest calamity lady in a Love Island villa would be someone who is childish and whiney.

He’s utterly certain of himself anticipating adore though, he says “I swindle in my job, so we would swindle for a girl.”

However, Harley became a initial competitor to be evicted after Camilla chose new child Jonny over him.

Hunky nation child Chris was a warn late further to a Love Island villa

Hunky nation child Chris was a warn late further to a Love Island villa

Chris Hughes

Chiselled Chris Hughes, 24, is a golf wardrobe envoy from Gloucestershire who is a warn late further to a villa.

He believes his USP is his effusive luminary and nation child status, that gives a girls a opposite choice to a series’ sharp city boys.

An out-of-date romantic, Chris says he falls in adore during initial steer and admits that if he likes a girl, “it could get critical quickly”.

And a ladies of Love Island will be gratified to know that a inexhaustible hunk likes treating his propitious lovers to dim letters to make them feel special.

Jonny Mitchell

Jet-setter Jonny Mitchell is a 26-year-old business executive hailing from Essex who assimilated a movement late with Chris.

He believes his Love Island USP is his globetrotting lifestyle – Jonny travels so most that he says he “pretty most lives abroad”, so is some-more than happy to be divided from home.

The Lothario says he’s spent a past year “making adult for mislaid time” after bursting adult with his fiancee, who he’d been with for 5 years and due to in a regretful pleasant island of Bali.

It’s maybe distinct afterwards that Jonny admits some former abandon competence tag him a commitaphobe, and that he’s damaged a few hearts in his time.

Mike Thalassitis – EVICTED

Mike is 24 and has played as a semi-pro footballer in a UK and in for a inhabitant organisation in Cyprus.

Born in Edmonton, he’s played for a operation of teams including St Albans and Chelmsford, and is now sealed to Welling United.

Describing himself as “tall, dim and handsome”, Mike vowed not to be a “villain” on a show.

Alex Beattie

Alex Beattie is a 22-year-old Personal Trainer from Newcastle.

When asked how to report himself he said: “I consider I’m an all rounder – we socialize with lots of opposite groups of people so I’ve got loads of sundry chat.”

But he pronounced he’s “picky” when it comes to girls: “I don’t date loads of girls. we am utterly picky about who we would go on a date with.”

Craig Lawson – EVICTED

Craig Lawson is a 27-year-old Personal Trainer from Barking in Essex.

Before entering a villa he said: “I’ll be honest, all of a other guys (in a villa) are all talk. When it comes to confrontation, they usually behind down.

“No disrespect, they are good guys, yet we am not a approbation man. I’m unequivocally most a man’s man, I’m unequivocally confident, given we consider a guys in there are utterly insecure.”

Danielle Sellers – EVICTED

Danielle Sellers is a glorious indication from Bexhill in East Sussex.

The 22-year-old beauty finished her entrance in The Sun on Page 3 in Jul 2016.

When she’s not modelling, she loves to settle down for a bit of Real Housewives play and also enjoys merrymaking in a fever of Magaluf, Ibiza and Dubai.

Amelia Peters – EVICTED

Amelia Peters is an 18-year-old Part time Teaching Assistant and Model from Bexley in Kent.

Before entering a Med’s kinkiest holiday home, she said: “Everyone in there seems unequivocally eager, yet we am unequivocally laid back. we am utterly cold out and we wouldn’t get my hopes adult on things.

“If we fanciful a child we would go for it, yet we wouldn’t put vigour on it.”

Chyna Ellis – EVICTED

Chyna Ellis is a 22-year-old Fashion Stylist from Essex.

She has an surprising name, yet is on palm to explain: “When we was innate we looked like a china doll so that’s because they called me that.”

The blonde beauty says she’s “outgoing” when it comes to guys: “My friends would substantially contend I’m unequivocally effusive yet also utterly goofy.

“I tend to come out with unequivocally annoying things. A man will possibly take it as me being lovable or consider I’m crazy.”

Ellisha-Jade White – EVICTED

Ellisha-Jade White is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur from Southampton.

As we competence design from someone who’s tasted business success, she’s a clever eccentric woman.

“I work unequivocally hard, and we have my possess business, so we don’t rest on other people,” she explains.

“Some girls unequivocally need a boyfriend, yet I’m not one of those girls. I’m unequivocally eccentric and don’t count on a guy.”

Marino Katsouris – EVICTED

Marino Katsouris is a 22-year-old Personal Trainer from Brighton.

And like so many in a villa he’s not bashful of compelling himself: “I’ve got something about me and I’m a flattering large extrovert so we contend what’s on my mind.

“I have a physique and a looks during a same time – not that we wish to sound too cocky… I’m famous as a hostess in my organisation and can make people laugh.”

Nathan Joseph – EVICTED

Nathan Joseph is a 25-year-old Salesman from Essex.

When asked how to report himself he said: “I’d contend in there now you’ve got Kem who is a humorous one, Marcel and Jonny are a good guys and afterwards you’ve got Chris who is a conventionally good looking one.

“I consider we mix all of those elements together – rather than have 3 opposite people it’s in one package.”

Steve Ball – EVICTED

Steve Ball is a 25-year-old Plumber from Wiltshire.

He says he “used to be a bad boy” when it came to girls: “I’ve been singular for 9 months now so given afterwards I’ve been on a few dates, bad ones and good ones.

“Nothing serious. My repute isn’t too bad. I’m not famous for being a sequence dater, we used to be a bad child when we was younger yet not given I’ve grown adult a bit.”

Shannen Reilly McGrath – EVICTED

Shannen Reilly McGrath is a 23-year-old Dental Nurse and Model from Dublin.

She finished headlines after being speckled out with CJ Meeks on Valentine’s Day following his separate with Bianca Gascoigne.

The span common a lick as they enjoyed drinks yet shortly after, Bianca common and afterwards fast deleted a screenshot of a Facebook summary reportedly sent by Shannen observant it was a set up.

Rob Lipsett – EVICTED

Rob Lipsett is a 25-year-old aptness tutor from Dublin, Ireland.

His code Lipsett Fitness has grown with over 257,000 Instagram supporters and usually as many YouTube channel subscribers

Rob is an envoy of Myprotein and is described as a “social influencer”.

An zealous rugby actor during school, he found that he enjoyed a training some-more than a competition itself and motionless to pursue aptness as a career.

Theo Campbell – EVICTED

Theo Campbell is a 25-year-old contestant from Bath.

He’s 6ft 5in and towers over a other masculine contestants.

The 400m competitor has got his eye on a contingent of ladies and isn’t going to let their partners get in his way.

Jamie Jewitt

Jamie Jewitt is 27 and a indication from Essex.

Lived in New York for 10 years and has worked for Calvin Klein.

On his arrival, Jamie chose Tyla, Amber and Camilla for a date.

What is Love Island: Aftersun? How can we get involved?

This year Love Island fans also have a brand new spin-off show, hosted by Caroline Flack, to binge on.

It’s called Aftersun and front on Sunday nights on ITV2 after a latest part airs.

Aftersun will underline luminary panellists as good as superfans of a dating show.

If we wish to be one of those superfans featuring on a spin-off, we can request here by uploading a video of yourself articulate about your Love Island addiction.

What happened to past Love Island winners and other couples?

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey

Essex span Cara and Nathan were a bookies favourite to take a climax in 2016 after fans fell in adore with examination a pair’s antics on a ITV2 strike show.

They won with 54% of a opinion and common a esteem income together.

But a show’s grounds valid to be usually partly successful as Cara split from Nathan recently, before she suggested she has depressed profound with his baby and intends to lift it alone.

Car De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey won Love Island 2016, yet have given split

Car De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey won Love Island 2016, yet have given split

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas

Kady and Scott, who is a hermit of Corrie star Ryan Thomas, have changed in together and are vital a high life after entrance third place on a show.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

Runners-up Olivia and Alex, who’ve been holidaying uninterrupted given a new year, are intent and devise to marry in 2018.

They have even landed their possess existence array to follow their tour down a aisle.

Katie Salmon and Adam Maxted

After entrance fourth, Katie and Adam sadly split within dual weeks of a uncover finishing – and Katie is now dating Danielle Whittaker, amid claims she might lapse to a new series.

Jessica Hayes and Max Morley

These dual won a 2015 array of a show, yet they separate 40 days after withdrawal a villa.

Jess remains in a news for flashing her bust and removing kicked off flights, while Max is streamer into a new array of Ex On The Beach.

Cally-Jane Beech and Luis Morrison

Cally-Jane and Luis have remained together ever given removing together in a Love Island villa in 2015.

They are now relatives to a initial Love Island baby – a small lady named Vienna.

She was innate on May 7 by puncture caesarean section.

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