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Video : Labour’s fate is not sealed. Here’s why

The Tories want voters to think Jeremy Corbyn’s fate is sealed in the upcoming election, says George Monbiot. But, he argues, the Labour leader could defy expectations if he took a leaf from Bernie Sanders’ book. Labour’s best hope lies in the power of volunteers, he claims Video:  

Video:Show of military might as Emmanuel Macron is inaugurated as president


Watch Lester Holt’s Extended Interview With President Trump

In an NBC News exclusive interview ,President Trump revealed to Lester Holt that he was preparing to fire FBI Director James Comey regardless of recommendations from the attorney general and deputy attorney general. Video:  

Video : Trump considers shift in Afghanistan strategy, possibly sending thousands more troops

A military official tells NBC News the Trump administration is considering making a shift in strategy in Afghanistan, which may require 3,000-5,000 more American soldiers on the ground. NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports.