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Five quite hideous ways to die, according to science

(Picture: Shutterstock) If you ‘ve ever played a dark diversion of ‘would you rather’ you will have many likely dreamt up some flattering awful ways to die. But, according to Californian scientist Paul Doherty and author Cody Casey, there are some that are quite grim. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit The span have spent the […]

Amazingly propitious couple win lottery for third time

Are they happening tellers? (Picture: Western Canada Lottery Corporation) A couple are celebrating after winning the lottery for the THIRD time. It was first, second and third time propitious for Barbara and Douglas Fink, who just hit the £4.9million jackpot. Previously, they only won prizes in the 6 figures. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit After realising […]

Letter in bottle survives 20 year and 216 mile outing to Holland

The minute was created in 1997 (Picture: KMG / A minute in a bottle, expel into the sea 20 years ago, has cleared up on an island after an implausible 216 mile journey. The bottle was thrown from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, by a little girl called Susie Hampton, then 10, on 25 […]

Writer’s amorous novel ‘induced an early work in both her sisters’

Anna-Karenina on the left, Scarlett in the centre and Kara on the right (Picture: Caters) A author wants to put a warning on her amorous novel after it apparently sent both of her sisters into work early. Scarlett Brade’s book, Money Green Memories, was so raunchy both her siblings’ water pennyless after reading it. The […]

Shin-kicking competition cancelled due to health and reserve concerns

The eventuality had to be given the foot (Pictures: Getty) Organisers of an annual shin-kicking competition have had to cancel the event, because of augmenting health and reserve regulations. Ever given 1612 the surprising competition has been used on Dover’s Hill, nearby Chipping Camden, as partial of the ‘Cotsworld Olimpicks’. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit […]

Reginald the cat has a dirty robe for hidden underwear from strangers

(Picture: SWNS) Don’t be fooled by this cat’s lovable exterior. He has a secret life of crime, as a sequence underwear thief. Four-year-old Reginald stands charged with swiping some-more than twenty equipment over several months. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit Boxers, socks, a bra, tights and even a baby grow, have all been snatched […]

Man fined £150 for having a lizard but a leash

Jerry Kimball pronounced he suspicion it was an Apr Fools’ Day fun when he was handed the fine (Picture: Getty Images) A man has been fined $190 (£150) for permitting his pet lizard to coast around a park but a leash. Jerry Kimball pronounced he suspicion it was an Apr Fools’ Day fun when he was […]

Irish dancers told to stop practising in hotel lift

(Picture: Getty) World Irish Dancing competitors had to be told to stop practising in a hotel lift, with this waggish sign. Management at the Premier Inn hotel in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter were clearly worried about their lifts. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit The comical note was put up to forestall any automatic issues. It’s no […]

Hive for 1,500 bees built in center of city

Bees are getting a assisting palm (Picture: Teresa Gut around radio Krakow) The center city doesn’t seem to offer a lot for bees, who rest on flowers to feed and survive. But you’d be astounded by how many of them make their home from the rags of greenery among the concrete. Penis-shaped crop circles could […]

There’s a swimming pool dangling 500ft in the air

This really, really isn’t the place for you if you have a fear of heights. Even examination video of it is giving us a bit of vertigo, so suppose those were your feet walking out above a highway 40 storeys below. Penis-shaped crop circles could represent Brexit The frightful swimming pool is located on the […]