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Uzbek marriage

Image copyright YouTube/TrustTV Image caption Dilbahor Yoqubova, an central in Uzbekistan’s probity ministry, indicted “illiterate mullahs” of supporting polygamous marriages A crackdown on polygamy has led to an heated online discuss in a former Soviet republic. The many new debate in Uzbekistan kicked off after Dilbahor Yoqubova, an central in Uzbekistan’s probity ministry, indicted “illiterate […]

Killing of Qandeel Baloch

A family suffering. A family ripped apart. A family grieving. This is a story of a lady that who had dreams to be a star. They called her Pakistan’s “Kim Kardashian”. She divided opinion in socially regressive Pakistan, and had voiced fears for her life as a result. One year from a anniversary of Qandeel […]

They never came back

Media captionDuring a rite kin filed past a commemorative as an band played “It’s so critical not to forget though remembering brings all a memories flooding back,” pronounced Silene Fredriksz, as kin came from opposite a universe to pitch a initial central relic in a Netherlands to those who died on moody MH17. Her son […]

Cartoon comparisons

Image copyright AFP/Weibo Image caption This meme display Xi Jinping and former US President Barack Obama began present in 2013 The restraint of Winnie a Pooh competence seem like a weird pierce by a Chinese authorities yet it is partial of a onslaught to shorten crafty bloggers from removing around their country’s censorship. When is […]

Punching and hair pulling

Media captionAfter a outrageous quarrel on Thursday final week, fighting has resumed in Taiwan’s parliament On a outside, a categorical building of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan – or council – is a design of calm. Two rows of neatly-trimmed thicket and trees line a yard heading to a stately-looking, white building with a Republic of China […]

Quake hunters

Image copyright Sanjay/Rakesh Rao Image caption The deepest holes are being drilled on a table-top towering in Maharashtra In a windswept skein of plateau in India’s Western Ghats, geologists are drilling some of Asia’s deepest boreholes in an brazen try to clear a mysteries of earthquakes. The site is Gothane, a table-top 3,051ft (930m)-high towering […]

A conspicuous life

Image copyright Reuters/Kyodo Image caption Shigeaki Hinohara was a good famous and rarely reputable figure in Japan Shigeaki Hinohara, one of Japan’s many famous doctors, has died during a age of 105. Dr Hinohara continued saying patients until months before his genocide and frequently offering recommendation on how to live well. Described by his colleagues […]

Symbolic fight

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Karnataka has had an unaccepted ‘Kannada flag’ given a 1960s The supervision in a southern Indian state of Karnataka recently set adult a row to try if a state can have a possess apart flag. The BBC explains because it has turn such a quarrelsome issue. A ‘Kannada flag’ […]

Baby boom

Image copyright AFP Image caption There are some 60,000 Parsis in India A jubilant Katy Gandevia upheld around a box of celebratory candy she had perceived in her bureau during a Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. “That,” she said, gesturing towards a sweets, “was to applaud a birth of a 102nd baby.” The […]

Trump snub?

Image copyright AFP Image caption Akie Abe initial met US President Donald Trump in February Japan woke adult with warn on Friday morning to see a heated inspection of a First Lady’s inclination in English. It followed US President Donald Trump’s comment, as partial of his broad-ranging New York Times interview, that a mother of […]